The AAPM Annual Meeting 2019 will bring together top experts and thought leaders in the fields of precision medicine, life science, biotech, medtech and pharma to Silicon Valley. With the theme as “Accelerating Precision Medicine and Transforming Patient Health,” AAPM2019 is designed to bring the community together and serve as a leading forum for new medical breakthroughs as well as cutting-edge basic, translational, and clinical research.

To fulfill this vision, AAPM2019 is showcasing thought leaders involved in innovative research, developing new capabilities, developing technological interventions to speedup the delivery of personal health. AAPM 2019 will also showcase new solutions to clinical and omics data collection, transfer, storage, analysis, security as well as designing and implementing new Big Data Solutions and artificial intelligence in the industry.

The summit is bringing together, over 2,000 scientists, clinicians, patient advocates, entrepreneurs, investors, industry executives as well as other precision medicine experts, to share their insights. APM2019 is also designed to facilitate a dialogue between the 4-P’ of precision medicine: Patients, providers, public health planers (Government) and payers to work together to achieve the goal of delivering improved outcomes at reduced costs. The conference is also designed to set the research and development goals for the international precision medicine community.

Call for Speakers/Abstract Submissions is now open at: Proposal Submission Link

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