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Opening Session: Investment landscape in DataAI and Healthcare Sector

Moderator: Jay Chen, VC, Partner, Hope Venture Labs Sanjit Singh Dang, Ph.D. Co-founder, Chairman, U First Capital, Ex-IntelCapital VC Irina Meyer, Founder and Managing Partner of Sils Capital Venture Fund Justin Ho Guo Shun, Business, Investment Advisor Arijit Bhattacharyya, Founder, and CEO, Virtualinfocom Darwin Ling, Founder and General Partner at Good AI Capital

Opening Keynotes: Driving the Future of Precision Medicine

Moderator: Prasun J Mishra, Ph.D., Founder and CEO AAPM Shannon Muir, Ph.D., Co-Director California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine, California Governor’s Office. Lynda Chin, Founder, President and CEO, Apricity Health, Adjunct Professor, Dell Medical School Sumeet Bhatia, MD, MBBS, President, Community Hospital Oncology Physicians Erika Brown, CEO/Co-Founder PALTOWN Development Foundation, Patient Advocate

Opening Keynotes: Global Leadership in Data, AI and Healthcare Sector

Moderator: Prasun J Mishra, Ph.D., Founder and CEO AAPM Erika Brown, CEO/Co-Founder PALTOWN Development Foundation, Patient Advocate Ritesh Jain, Co-Founder, Infynit, Former COO HSBC, Advisor G20 GPFI, HBR-Harvard Business Review and Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT Tudor Oprea, M.D. Ph.D., Professor of Medicine and Chief, Translational Informatics Division, Department of Internal Medicine, University of New Mexico …

Lightning Talks: AAPM2021

Moderator: Suraj Saksena, PhD., Science and Technology Leader, BD Yan Leyfman, Director Immunology, WACEM-ACAIM COVID-19 Taskforce Sanket Mishra, MPharma, MS, PhD., Co-founder Grannus Therapeutics Jimmy Qian, Co-founder and COO, Osmind, Stanford University Brisa Fernandes, MD, PhD., The University of Texas Health Science Center Amreen Khan, MTech, Researcher, Indian Institute of Technology Krish Chakrabarti, MBA, Head …

AI-Driven Translational Research and Diagnostics

Moderator: Kamala K Maddali DVM Ph.D., President, Health Collaborations and VP, Deep Lens Kristine Mechem Ph.D., VP Diagnostics at Health Advances Mark Rees, Ph.D., SVP R&D and Innovations StatLab Bassam El-Fahmawi, M.Sc., Ph.D. President CTO, Mawi DNA Technologies Pravin Mishra, MBA, Ph.D., Director, Ohio State University Cancer Center Steven A. Bogen, MD, Ph.D., CEO, Boston …